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Design tips

Whether blind embossing (no colour) with transparent foil for an interesting effect, or coloured foil for better contrast, make sure the embossing colour matches your chosen cover material. Red on red can look impressive on screen but may not in practice be very readable. Just call us, or send us an email, if you need any advice!

Please note:

  • The embossing on the spine will always be in the same colour you chose for the dedication. If you do not type in a dedication remember to still chose a dedication colour as that will be used for the spine.
  • The position of the embossing is fixed (as illustrated).
  • You dont have to write a dedication: you can leave the front cover plain if you want, or perhaps use the dedication line for the author's name or the title.

_We refine both paperbacks and hardcovers into personal hand bound books, but be aware that paperbacks might have poorer paper quality which would then not reflect the quality of the refined binding, so we recommend you only refine hardcovers.

If you are inspired and want to have a book refined to your own bespoke requirements, not just our standard options, then we would be delighted to help you. We can even refine books you already own and send to us. Just click on „Special Request“ and tell us what you are thinking or please call or email us if you would like to discuss that. Our bookbinders love a challenge and would be happy to give you a personalised quote.